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PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS – Ultimate Guide to Win a Big One

Everyone would love to win the Jackpot, right? Yes, we are. The progressive jackpot is one of the most exciting bonuses on online slot games. Why? Because you can win millions without spending a fortune.

In this article, GIRLS Slots will help you discover the ultimate guide to get progressive jackpots.



What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a prize that can be played and won in slot games. The total amount of prize will increase every time when a player plays a slot game. The amount of prize will continue to increase every day until the lucky player wins the jackpot. Players can win at random after any spin. After that, the value and the whole thing will start all over again.

If you need a further guide, Girls Slots always got your back. Here’s a quick guide on playing online slots!


How Do Progressive Jackpot Work?

By adding each percentage of every bet that the player makes, it’s will start from the basic level. The jackpot prize pool rises quickly because of the contribution from thousands of players that play online slots. It makes the reward getting big so the competition between players.

The progressive jackpot continues to grow, getting bigger and bigger, until one lucky player wins it. It makes sense that progressive jackpots become more attractive after being allowed to pile up for a while. There are some games with top progressive jackpot:


Top Progressive Jackpot Slot

  1. Mega Moolah
  2. Mega fortune
  3. Arabian Nights
  4. Major Millions
  5. Hall of Gods
  6. 88 Fortunes
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How To Win Progressive Jackpot?


Unfortunately, there is no secret strategy to win a progressive jackpot. Why? because online slot games are operated by Random Number Generator software. Basically, this means that every spin of the reels generates a completely random set of symbols. 

But don’t worry we still have some range of ways to maximize your chance of win the progressive jackpot:


  • Bet with The Top Stake

Every slot game has a minimum bet amount that can be able to qualify to get a jackpot. By fulfilling these conditions, you will get a ticket when you hit the spin button. The more you bet with a minimum stake the more tickets you earn. Your chance to win the jackpot is bigger!


  • Choose the Game

Before you start playing, do your research first to know which game to play and how to play it. The most important thing is don’t get frustrated. Slot games are a game of chance that is not a certain way when you are chasing a progressive jackpot.


  • Hitting Symbol Combinations

The jackpot is generally determined by Random Number Generator software to generate a completely random set of top value symbols. The jackpot could payout if you can line up and find 5 of the highest value symbols.


  • Play Bonus Game

Most slot games will offer you at least one free spin bonus game. This allows you a designated number of free spins. This means that every spin has an added layer of excitement and to boost your chances to win the jackpot prize.


  • Avoid Greed

Keep in mind that progressive games usually have a lower RTP (Return To Player) percentage than standard games. You may lose more money because of chasing the jackpot. Remember that the more spins you take, the more chances you’ll have to scoop those millions for yourself! Make sure to adjust your stakes and the duration of your play don’t spend all your money chasing big wins.




Play online slot games not only is it easy to enjoy these incredible games anywhere, but you’re also able to have your pick of great online casinos to play at. You always have a fair chance of striking lucky when you’re trying to win the jackpot. So go ahead and try your jackpot luck!

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