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Hi, buddy, all slots lovers. In this article, I will review the online Pragmatic slot game which is currently HOT, COWBOYS GOLD online slot game!

Join the bandits and start your search for golden wins at Cowboys Gold, a 3 × 5 formation online slot with 10 paylines, and potential big wins.

Look for the Renegade Symbol which adds up all the money values on the screen and brings you a little luck.

Add at least 3 Bonus Symbols in the wild west mix and get ready to play up to 25 Free Spins with a maximum multiplier of 5x. Get ready cowboys!

Because many of you ask and don’t know how to play this online slot to get free spins, and how do you unload the FREE SPIN feature until you get it MULTIPLIER or multiplication by 5 times.

Before continuing these online slot tips and tricks, let’s see the free spin feature that I got this time.

If we manage to get the skull slot symbol and RENEGADE again in the FREE SPIN round, then we will get an additional 5 FREE Spin again.

At the same time, the MULTIPLIER factor will increase from 1, 2, 3, and up to a maximum of 5 times. It is very difficult to reach FREE SPIN with this MULTIPLIER 5 X, but calm down here I will show you how I managed to break it down.


So, if the COWBOY symbol with this multiplier appears on the reel, it’s MEGA if you can get the RENEGADE symbol on the 5th reel, assist with the multiplier 2 times.

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Okay, unfortunately on the first try I failed to maximize the FREE SPIN. As I said, it’s not easy to win this COWBOYS GOLD online slot, until the multiplier was disassembled 5 times.

I got another free spin, do you think I will get the maximum bonus in the FREE SPIN round this time? Just follow this article guys, it’s really crazy this time.

This online slot machine is still warming up, nothing has come out at all. Managed to open MULTIPLIER 2 X with the last remaining free spins.


Get 5 more free spins to complete the mission this time. MULTIPLIER 3 X is now uncovered, back to it in the last injury-time free spin.

Plus the COWBOYS GOLD bounty, which has a decent value, guys. MEGA!!!

Now we are in the MULTIPLIER 3 X stage, we have 1 stage left. Open or not? Almost guys .. Damned, almost got it again. BOOM !!! SUCCESS!

Finally uncovered all the COWBOYS GOLD PRAGMATIC slot this time. If you have this, it is almost certain that EPIC’s victory is in hand.


SUPER, if the COWBOYS GOLD combination is like this. DOUBLE EPIC, guys, this Cowboys Gold slot game is a candidate for the legendary slot game.

It takes 25 free spins to unlock the MULTIPLIER 5 X PRAGMATIC PLAY feature. Don’t go anywhere but. In the next few spins, you will see the results of playing slots that don’t lose to EPIC rounds before.

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Now I will compare how to play online slots with a bet of 50 thousand with 100 thousand. Is the free spin easy to get if I double the bet amount?

First FREE SPIN failed. The second FREE SPIN failed again. The third try failed again. IMPOSSIBLE, there’s no cure for this PRAGMATIC slot.

With a bet of 100 thousand Rupiah, how many points do you think I will get, guys? Oh, yeah I forgot to say, in this FREE SPIN round, the COWBOY symbol is issued more often.

So if you get the RENEGADE symbol, chances are the result will be decent as lots of COWBOY bandits get shot. BANG !!! BANG !!! Get another FREE SPIN.

Unfortunately, I didn’t leave RENEGADE, if the EPIC candidate was shot. Got away again, the BANDIT COWBOY.

Even though I didn’t get NICE, MEGA, let alone EPIC, the FREE SPIN results were not bad.

That’s all guys, my tips about how to play and tips on online slots COWBOYS GOLD PRAGMATIC PLAY. If anyone hasn’t read the previous COWBOYS GOLD blog, please click the link on the top right.

If you play 200 thousand Rupiah, what will the result be? Want to know? Just request in the comments column.


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